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hi=3=is anyone here? [31 Aug 2010|02:34pm]



=3=I kown them this year.They are wonderful.I love the vocal‘s voice.It's so sweet..

But the band disbanded.So many years...I even can’t find pictures of them. all website is invalid

Would you like to  help me to find some pictures?

Maybe there has no one now

=3=||my English is very poor ...hope you can kown my meanings



HELLO! (。・ω・)ノ゙ [24 Feb 2007|12:02am]

I'm new to the community (hope it's still alive) and to livejournal in general. Yoroshiku!

I wanted to ask about current Yuuki's band → ユーキwith御耽美学団
Anyone knows what is it like? Did they released anything already? And if yes how they sounds like? Or maybe someone could share it with me? ○| ̄|_

Ugh, I'm not sure should I ask about it here... but it's somehow connected with karimero so I thought it'll be all right. Anyway, I'm rather pessimistic about the answer, I saw only one person listens to it on last.fm (>д<)

but thanks anyway! Have a good day! ☆

P.S. Forgive me my bad English, it's not my language (>_<)
Kuro Neko

HI ^^ [12 Jul 2005|04:10pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi, I'm a spanish girl, I love Karimero! And I was searching a wallpaper or layout for my livejournal, can someone help me?

Congratulations for the comunity *^^*


Big update to my site! [23 Nov 2004|05:48pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]


Huhu, I just made a gigantic update to Kalimeron Choco. Go see! I scanned the photobook that came with the Nagare single.

You can probably look forward to some more translations soon, as well~


P.S. This community should really be called "kalimero" because that is their name, no dispute!

Kuro Neko

karimero colourbars [09 Nov 2004|07:34pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I made some karimero colourbars just in lovely memory of this great band!
They are not that pretty I think ._.'' but I hope you like them anyway!

Look at them!Collapse )

please upload the pictures on your own server and link back if you use ^^


Last single [10 Oct 2004|11:21pm]

Kalimero are releasing a 3-song maxi single, "Nagare," on November 6. It costs ¥2800 (yes, it is ridiculously expensive), but it includes a special 36-page photobook, which will mainly be composed of live/unreleased material.
Kuro Neko

These CDs must GO!! [07 Aug 2004|09:17pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Hey hey hey all...

I need quick cash, so I'm selling a bunch of CDs I no longer want or need.

I have almost every Psycho le Cemu CD, plus; Plastic Tree, Utada Hikaru, Kuraki Mai, CHEMISTRY, Naitomea/Nightmare, day after tomorrow, Hirai Ken, Do As Infinity, globe, rice, Lucifer Luscious Violenoue, and w-inds.

I'm also selling DVDs of; Magic Knight Rayearth (VHS actually), Card Captor Sakura, Tenchi Muyo: Mihoshi/Magical Project S Special DVD, Sorcerer/Bakuretsu Hunters, Fruits Basket, Kare Kano, X-Men Movie, Saber Marionette...

I also have a Pierrot Poster and a cute little Lida figurine that came with the FRONTIERS album.

Oh yeah, selling video games too. I'm too lazy to list them, but they consist of PSX, PS2, Gameboy, and Gameboy Advance

I don't offer free shipping, all prices are negotiable, basic delivery, for more information, contact me;

AIM: panda yukito
MSN: panda_yukito@hotmail.com

Thankyou for your time. <3


[16 Jul 2004|10:56am]

Shameless plug, ehehe... ^^;;

Kalimeron Choco Forum! Please join it~ :)

"Yuubin" tabs [25 Jun 2004|10:46pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]


Any guitar players in here? Just letting you know that I've updated my site, Kalimeron Choco, with tabs for "Yuubin." The file can be found here. :)

The song is pretty easy, just the same four chords over and over again. ;) But if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line or comment! (Although, fyi, I will be out of town for the weekend.)

Enjoy! :)


layout [10 Apr 2004|11:53am]
check. >_>;
Kuro Neko

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